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I'm Mel.
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Personal blog that you will love!

Personal blog that you will love!

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works for me

I always found it so sweet that they actually took the time to answer these questions so that they could continue being friends with Jimmy

That’s true friendship right there.

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" We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors…" (2 Corinthians 5:20, NIV). 

As believers in Jesus, we are called to be His ambassadors or representatives in the earth. In the natural, ambassadors are privileged. They are diplomats with the highest rank. They walk in the authority of the name of the one who sent them.

As God’s ambassadors on this earth, we walk in His power and authority. We are to promote relationship with Him. The Bible also calls us “ministers of reconciliation,” which means we are the ones to bring the message of hope in Jesus to the world. When you see yourself as God’s ambassador, it will change the way you think. It will change the way you act. It will change the way you approach people.

Today, remember, that you are a representative of Almighty God. Look for ways to promote relationship with Him. Speak words of healing that will draw people. Show kindness because it’s His kindness that leads people to repentance. Look for ways to bless others as we work together to build His kingdom.

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